The Property

Latitude & Longitude: 50.4318083, -125.2207611

The beautiful Denham Bay Wilderness Retreat is situated in a remote section of the BC Coast on the southern end of the legendary Great Bear Rainforest. The property falls into the mainland section of the Discovery Islands and Mainland Inlets when referring to a map, just north of the Stuart and Dent Islands.

The Retreat consists of four cozy cabins and a self-catered kitchen, nestled into the gorgeous rainforest amid enormous stands of Douglas firs and lush undergrowth. Everything is stocked with all the necessary gear you need to prepare delicious meals, host friends and family, and forge lasting memories. We rent the cabins and cookhouse as a package, meaning our guests have exclusive use of the cookhouse for their group to enjoy.

We also offer moorage at Denham Bay, with approximately 600 feet (2023) of dock space. Accommodating a maximum vessel size of up to 120 feet, moorage includes access to fresh water, a small outdoor kitchen, and barbecue. New this year, we’ve added a seating area on the dock for groups to come together and visit, relax, and enjoy the incredible view. It’s a fantastic spot for watching the sunset or checking out the local wildlife.

Wildlife at Denham Bay is abundant, spectacular, and ever-changing. Eagles snatch fish from the water as the fish fight their way through the nearby rapids. Humpbacks and orcas cruise by occasionally in feeding pods, making their presence known by the blast of their spout. Meanwhile, a menagerie of ocean creatures such as California sea lions, harbour seals, and a variety of porpoises peek up from the water and play in the wake of the boats.

Dogs are welcome to enjoy the property as well, with a nice 1-kilometre trail to explore and a dedicated dog run behind the cabins.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the property, keeping you connected.

Denham Bay monitors VHF channel 66A.


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