The Denham Team

The Peterson Family


The Peterson Family is thrilled to own the Denham Bay Wilderness Retreat. As a family, we have firsthand experience of all the beauty and wonder the Bay has to offer, and are eager to share that experience with all our guests. Everything we do is tailored to create the best possible environment for visitors, with the hope that you will enjoy this magnificent property and create lasting memories for many years to come.

Joe and Claudia Hancock

 Onsite Managers

Joe and Claudia will be your hosts to greet you at the dock and look after all your needs. They provide on-site information and help make your stay as carefree and memorable as possible.

Shelley Case

Director of Operations

Shelley is an integral part of ensuring that Denham Bay Wilderness Retreat has all that it needs to operate efficiently. She works behind the scenes managing bookings, guiding tours, and logistics and operational needs for our remote location so that your stay at Denham Bay is a pleasure.

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