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The Denham Bay area is famous for its abundant marine life and great sport fishing opportunities.

The Pacific salmon has long been regarded as a premier sport fish.Sports Fishing Denham Bay

The Chinook salmon is the largest of the species.
• Can live up to seven years.
• Flesh color may vary from white to pink to red.

Coho, Also known as Silvers.
• Spend one to two years in freshwater before migrating to sea.
• Originally one of the most commercially sought after species.

Chum, known as Dogs for their canine-like teeth.
• Migrate to sea soon after hatching.
• Flesh color may vary from white to pink to red.
• Drier flesh, suited for smoking.

Pink, also known as Humpies.
• Smallest of the species.
• Migrate to sea soon after hatching.
• Two-year life cycle with alternate even and odd year runs.
• Lowest fat content of the species.
• Frequently used for canning.

Sockeye, also known as Reds.
• Name comes from the First Nation sukkai, meaning "fish".
• Spawn not only in rivers but also in lakes.
• Often spend one to three years in freshwater before migrating to sea.
• Some populations have become land-locked, and are known as kokanee

These varieties of salmon, ply the waters close to Denham Bay at various
times during the year.

At Denham Bay you’ll enjoy the comfort and freedom of your own cabin with safe moorage within minutes of the fishing grounds. Get the first bite before anyone else is even on the water!

Be back relaxing and enjoying a meal amongst the trees and looking out onto the ocean.

Book a trip to the beautiful Phillip's River, home to trout, as well as several runs of spawning salmon in the later summer months. Enjoy casting and fly-fishing from the shore or boat. (catch and release).

Denham Bay's Fishing Packages
We offer Bute Inlet tours and Guided Fishing trips.
2 people - $130.00 per hour (plus tax).
3 people $150.00 per hour (plus tax).
Bute Inlet Sight Seeing Tour Up to 6 people $150.00 per hour (plus tax).

Book a trip to Bute Inlet: The turquoise waters of Bute Inlet. It is 80 km. long from the estuaries of the Homathko and Southgate Rivers.

There are plenty of places to quietly fish, either on the boat or casting from shore. Stop and explore the various beaches.

Saltwater Fishing Calendar

Chinook, Spring, King
Pink, Sockeye
Coho, Silver
  All year
  July - Sept
  July - Oct
  Sept.- Nov.