Our History: How It Came To Be -

35 years ago,

Peter came to the Stuart Island region of the British Columbia to work with an ecological salmon enhancement program. His interest led him onto his career as a certified experienced fishing guide.
In love with the area and aware of its vulnerability to change, he had an early conservation vision to conserve and share the pristine, natural experience.

Sarah came to the area working as a high-end resort Pastry Chef, but promptly assumed Chef responsibilities. Using her background in holistic nutrition influenced her dishes. Once the discussion of making this a longer, term life style choice, Sarah moved into landscape and gardening.

This entrepreneurial couple
, with an eye for the best of British Columbia’s bounty, founded Denham Bay in 2008 ~ realizing that the idyllic interconnection of pristine ecosystems, majestic coastal wilderness, infinite tranquility and a maritime lifestyle would be the perfect foundation of their dream: Denham Bay.

In 2008
, the project of creating Denham Bay began!
Planning, selective logging, regenerative landscaping and the construction of buildings and docks began in earnest. Since 2012, Denham Bay, has hosted delighted guests and seafaring travellers. By its very nature, it is a ‘work in progress’ and an iterative process ~ each year the experiences of its guests help it to strengthen as an absolute holiday destination.

Peter-and-Sarah-2017Denham Bay Our HistoryDenham Bay Our History