Activities: EXCURSIONS

Stuart Island Community

The Stuart Island Community Association is the closest place to buy provisions for Denham Bay. It is equipped with a dock, a post office, and a liquor store, and various hikes and walks.

Dent Island Lodge
Enjoying dining at Dent. Choose of 2 dining experiences. The dining room has established an outstanding reputation. An outdoor dining option with a amazing view of Canoe Pass is the Rapids Grill.
Denham Bay Excursions
Sonora Resort
The Sonora kitchen continues its tradition of sourcing the finest local ingredients and transforming them into a culinary celebration of this spectacular region. The resort also offers the Island Currents Spa.

Shoal Bay
Once the largest town on Canada’s west coast (1895-1900). Shoal Bay was a hub for mining and forestry. Gold was mined in the hillsides above the town and surrounding areas. When mining slowed in the early twentieth century, the local economy shifted towards timber and fishing. Shoal Bay survived as a small town supporting a school and market until the 1950s.

Today, Shoal Bay offers moorage at the government wharf, a small pub/café, and they hold a live music festival every August.

Camp Cordero
Enjoy the pristine wilderness setting and the authentic German meals served in a floating restaurant.

Blind Channel Resort
Treat yourself to dinner at the Cedar Post, or enjoy a barbecued lunch on the seaside patio. Blind Channel has a store and post office, and marine diesel, gas, and propane are available there.

All the resorts and restaurants require reservations.